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Upgrade Your Porch With a New Banister and Railing

Porch with railing
Your home's front porch is the first thing many people notice when they come to your property. The railing and banister you have surrounding your porch provide a protective support for people who use it, but these same structures can also add beauty and curb appeal to your home.

If your front porch railings and banister are bent, showing signs of age, or starting to rust, then it's time to upgrade. Speak to your fencing contractor about the various popular materials used in exterior stairs, and explore your options here as well.

Wrought Iron
Durable, long-lasting, and very attractive, wrought iron is an ideal choice for both a railing and a banister. This material gives your front porch classic yet contemporary appeal.

What makes wrought iron an ideal material choice in fencing and railing construction is this - wrought iron is extremely easy to manipulate. This means the metal is very easy to bend and create patterns with, allowing you to customize the appeal of your front porch railing easily.

However, you don't have to use wrought iron, or any other material, alone. For example, you can design a railing with swirling rails while having the banister formed out of sealed, rustic wood for an elegant appeal that is also naturally charming.

A steel-enclosed glass railing is not only elegant and contemporary in its design, the material is streamlined and extremely unique as well. Tempered glass is often used in railing construction for added strength and durability.

If you choose frosted glass for your stair's construction, then the glass will offer a surprising amount of privacy to your front door as a railing style. Frosted glass allows light to penetrate the area but creates little transparency, allowing you to enjoy your front porch whenever you wish without feeling exposed.

Wood is a classic choice for a banister and railing. The same wood often used in deck building (cedar and redwood) is often used in railing design as well. Choose wood that is sealed and treated for UV rays to prevent the wood from drying out or fading under the sun's glare.

You can choose to leave wood in its natural shape for a woodsy, charming appeal, or select wood that has been rounded and sanded for a more modern approach to wood railings and banisters. For the banister, consider aged driftwood, barn wood, or a large plank of exotic wood to give your porch railing added appeal.

Vinyl is a wise choice for your front porch if you want a streamlined railing that won't go out of style. Vinyl is one of the most popular choices for residential fences because the material is easy to install, relatively inexpensive, and requires little maintenance.

If you want the same streamlined appearance of vinyl yet you want to have more freedom with design choices, then wood is a lovely alternative.

Steel is similar to wrought iron in its durability and ability to last for many years. This material can be decorative but does not come in a variety of shapes and styles for railing use. Still, if you have a wider front porch that requires a reliable railing and banister, steel is an excellent option. Steel can also be powder coated or painted to meet your exterior decorative needs.

Your fencing contractor will assist you in choosing the best type of railing and banister material for your front porch. When you hire a professional fencing expert from Sam's Fencing Inc., you are in quality hands for your fencing and railing project. Call our team to schedule an appointment today.