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Surprising Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Chain Link Fence
You probably already know the main benefits of chain link fencing - it's durable and economical. However, chain link also conveys several other benefits. Some of those benefits relate to the construction of chain link, while others relate to customization options.
Below are some surprising benefits of choosing to have a chain link fence installed around your property. 

Chain Link Fencing Is Easy to Install

You already know chain link fencing is easy on the budget. Part of the reason for that cost-effectiveness is its construction, which is as a wire mesh made at the factory and shipped in rolls like fabric. However, a large part of the cost equation relates to how easy the fence is for contractors to install, meaning they charge you for less time and fewer materials.
Installing a chain link fence starts the same way as with other fence types - sinking the posts. However, the next step is also really easy. The contractors simply have to stretch the chain fabric from post to post and attach it using tension bands. No carpentry or welding is necessary. As a side bonus, the ease of installation means you get a complete fence faster.

Chain Link Can Look Upscale

While chain link is a budget option, it doesn't have to look economical. Many people picture plain galvanized steel when they think of chain link. However, the mesh can be thermally fused with a colored vinyl coating at the factory. You see a range of basic colors such as beige, brown, red, and black. You can also custom-order a powder coating, which increases the color range.
Posts are another area of customization. While galvanized steel posts are the norm, you can choose a different color or even material. For example, many homeowners upgrade to wooden or stone posts. Any type of post needs a post cap, and you have a range of styles in all the materials.
Another method for increasing the beauty of chain link is in how you have it installed. Many property owners add top and bottom rails, which increases the strength of the fence. You can choose a complementary color for the rails or even upgrade to wood. Either way, you get an attractive framing appearance.

Chain Link Can Recede Into the Background

Your chain link fence doesn't have to stand out to be attractive. Naturally, the mesh consists of holes between the wires. This construction already makes the fence somewhat transparent. You can make it further recede into the background by choosing colors, usually brown or green, that match the landscaping behind.
You can also disguise the fence as landscaping. Many manufactures offer weatherproof fabric that you have attached to the fence. Some of the panels feature fabric foliage that makes the fence resemble a hedge.

Chain Link Is Virtually Animal-Proof

Chain link comes in different gauges and mesh sizes. The gauge sizes range from 6 to 13, with 9 and 11 ½ being great options for general fencing. Mesh sizing ranges from 3/8-inch to 2 3/8. Mesh sizes in the one-inch range are typical for most residential projects.
Because of the wide range in gauges and mesh sizes, chain link fencing can be adapted to any need, including keeping livestock penned in. Chain link will work for animals from chickens to cows. The material can even keep goats put, which is notoriously difficult to do. What's more, the fencing will keep predators away from your livestock.
Since chain link is good for keeping foxes and coyotes at bay, it's also good for keeping their domestic kin inside. Chain link fencing is ideal for dog yards - you just have to ensure you choose a tall fence with small-enough mesh so they can't fit their paws in to clamber over. When it comes to cats, cat fencing mostly involves creating a cat enclosure. Chain link does work well here, too.
Reap the surprising benefits of chain link fencing for your property. Consult with Sam's Fencing Inc. for the best chain link fence for your property.