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How a Glass Railing or Fence Can Enhance Your Property

House With Glass Railing
When it comes to fencing and rail materials, many homeowners think of the traditional materials such as wood and wrought iron. Those materials are classics because they get the job done and present an attractive profile.
That said, some homeowners like to take a unique approach to home improvement projects. They even choose less conventional materials for their projects. For example, glass is a beautiful but somewhat unusual material for deck railings and fencing. Below are some ways that glass can enhance your property.

Present a Modern Profile

Many homeowners want a contemporary feel to their property. By definition, a contemporary style incorporates a wide range of styles that are currently trending - hence, the name. However, the style nonetheless features characteristic elements.
Designers use a lot of glass in modern architecture. They also favor manufactured materials because these materials give the building a modern ambience. Glass also presents a minimalist profile with a sense of geometry. Both of those elements are characteristic of contemporary architecture.
If you want your fencing or railing to present a modern profile, consider heavy-duty glass with minimal framework. However, you can also emphasize the geometry of the glass panels with deliberate metal framing; metal is ideal for such a project because it's also a manufactured material that presents a sleek silhouette.

Add Visual Interest

Glass, whether framed or frameless, can add beauty to any style of house.
Transparent glass isn't the only option, so homeowners can get creative. Even heavy-duty, tempered glass comes in a wide range of patterning. The patterns can be used in frosted, etched, or textured glass. What's more, you can choose to use colored glass, including the cool gray of smoked glass.
With fencing and railings, you usually see frosted glass with minimal ornamentation. Instead, the designers incorporate regular breaks between the glass panels to add a pattern. They can also play with the form of the framing.
If you choose transparent glass, you can still get a beautiful interplay of light on the material. The glass panels will not only reflect the glass, they will provide a sparkle.
However, glass can amplify the sunlight, so make sure you orient the fence or railing accordingly. You want some space between the direct sun reflection and your main task areas.

Serve as a Windbreaker

On a practical side, glass serves a purpose that neither wood nor metal can fulfill. Glass presents a solid profile without slats or pickets. Therefore, glass is ideal if you need a windbreaker.
Windbreaks have many different purposes. The most obvious is right in their name - they break up gusts of wind. Many homeowners find their decks, pools, or patios nearly unusable because of the wind that whips around the house. It can move your patio furniture and even slam projectiles into the side of your home, which creates damage. A glass windbreak solves this problem.
By breaking up the wind, you also reduce the wind chill factor. When you check the weather, you may have noticed a temperature gauge for what it feels like, which is related to wind chill. If you prevent the wind from whipping around your deck or pool, you mitigate that chill. What's more, reducing the wind chill factor can help reduce your heating bill.
For this project, consult with a fencing expert to choose the right grade of glass and fasteners. Leaving gaps between the glass panels as described above may not work for your home, depending on the severity of the environmental conditions.
Choose glass railings and fencing for practical or aesthetic reasons, or some combination of both. Contact Sam's Fencing Inc. to have us design and install a beautiful glass fence or railing for your home.