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Choose an Interior Stair Handrail That Matches Your Home's Style

Indoor Railings

A stair handrail is a utilitarian installation, something that helps prevent you from falling while navigating the stairs. However, a handrail also carries visual weight. It helps draw the eyes upward along with the stairs. When you go to choose a handrail for your house, you want it to match the overall style. Below are some ideas for choosing a handrail to promote your home's unique style.

Modern Style

Despite its name, modern design is actually inspired by the mid-century modern style. While lines are clean, you often see natural materials such as stone and wood. Designers sometimes play with geometry - imagine the sputnik patterns popular in the mid-century.

A stair handrail for this style will probably showcase some geometry. So, you may see a metal or wooden top rail with metal balusters worked into geometric shapes. Sometimes homeowners will custom-order a fullwooden job, though this is less common. A simple wooden handrail with thick, straight wooden balusters also works well in the modern style.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary style is inspired by the design movements that came after the mid-century, including postmodernism, deconstructivism, and futurism. With such eclectic inspiration, the style doesn't have true hallmarks. However, generally speaking, contemporary often focuses on form over function. And minimalism is prized.

A contemporary handrail may also feature a sense of geometry, but in a starker fashion. So, instead geometric balusters, the handrail may feature a heavy metal square under the top rail. You may also see a metal and glass handrail with sheets of tempered glass under a metal top rail. A cablerail handrail would also work with the contemporary ideal of minimalism.

Old-World Style

In some ways, old-world style can be even more eclectic than contemporary. It's based in classic historical styles, which essentially comprises everything before mid-century modern. That said, old-world style tends to promote a sense of hominess. D├ęcor should look like it was passed down through the generations. Distressed finishes are more popular than polished in this style.

Old-world style sometimes showcases the ornate, so here's where you can choose the handrails with decorative iron work under the top rail. The iron work might feature filigree patterns, or you might simply see medallions worked into the balusters. Any of the matte finishes for the metal is ideal. You can also order wooden handrails with carved balusters.

Regional Style

Styles sometimes depend more on the region than historical context. These designs include the following regions:

  • Cape Cod

  • Georgian

  • Mediterranean

  • French Country

  • Mission

  • Spanish

While each regional style carries its own principles of design, they all tend to be at least a little oldworld. The exception is Cape Cod, which is based on casual beach cottages. A hallmark of this style is the captain's stairway, which is a steep, narrow stairway. The handrails for this stairway are usually simple - plain metal or wood. Any balusters would be likewise simple.

Country Styles

Like regional designs, the term country can encompass different styles, including farmhouse and cottage. The term can also refer to shabby chic, which is a specialized version of cottage style.

A farmhouse stair handrail would likely be rustic. You'd probably choose wood with plain balusters. That said, you could opt for balusters worked into the X traditional on barn doors.

Cottage and shabby chic styles might call for more ornamentation. A metal handrail with iron work balusters would complement both styles, though you'd want to keep the finish matte. You could also order wooden balusters that resemble cut-out shutters. So, instead of open space under the top rail, the space would be filled with wooden planks featuring cut outs.

A plain handrail will provide a neutral backdrop for any house style. However, promote the character of your home with a handrail that matches its specific style. Consult with Sam's Fencing Inc. to find a stair handrail that best suits your house's design.