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5 Reasons Chain Link Makes an Excellent Commercial Fencing Option

White Chain Link Fence
Your choice of fencing for your commercial property will depend on your operations and the needs of your property. Chain link fencing isn't ideal for all commercial properties, but it's certainly a well-rounded option worth considering. Here are five reasons why chain link can definitely make a good commercial fencing option.

1. Chain Link Fencing Turns Many Trespassers Away

Most fences can serve as an adequate deterrent, but chain link does especially well at keeping people at bay. Chain link fences have a look people recognize and respect universally. Your fence will serve as a barrier that clearly tells people they cannot or should not step on the premises without permission.
In addition, chain link gives your commercial property a clear delineation. With the fence serving as a marker of your property, people will not unknowingly trespass on the property. Chain link also works well as a deterrent to wildlife.
If you still worry someone may try to climb your fence or cut it, you can opt for chain link configurations that make those things harder to accomplish. For example, a higher fence can deter some of the most determined climbers. A tighter mesh can make finding a foothold difficult. You can also have your fence constructed with thicker metal.
Depending on your location and type of chain link fence, you can add some other, tougher measures. These can include:
  • Railing or security spikes at the top of the fence
  • Razor or barbed wire deterrents
  • Tension wires below at the base of the fence
Ask your fencing contractor what other ways you can make chain link fencing even more of a deterrent.

2. Chain Link Fencing Can Protect Property Owners From Lawsuits

If an unauthorized individual attempts to gain access to the property by through your fence, it shows intent. If someone trespasses and harms themselves, that person can file a lawsuit against you or your business.
Your chain link fence represents an obvious attempt to keep someone from crossing onto your property. A trespasser would have to knowingly and purposefully bypass your fencing, which helps you protect yourself and your business from liability.

3. Chain Link Fencing Is Often a Budget-Friendly Option

Chain link often comes out cheaper than many other fencing options. A lower price does not mean chain link is an inferior option. Chain link just typically comes with lower labor costs. The fencing is also easier and less costly to maintain than many other fencing options. In this way, it maintains its value to you and your business over time.

4. Chain Link Fencing Can Add Aesthetic Appeal

People don't normally associate chain link fencing with aesthetics. However, a chain link fence can actually improve the look of a commercial property. It also comes in different metals, finishes, and colors. Don't assume chain link only offers limited or generic options.

5. Chain Link Fencing Makes Security Easier

Chain link fencing makes it easier to add other security options to the property. You can add different types of gates or access points. Chain link makes it easy to mount sensors or security cameras on the gateposts or elsewhere along the gate.
For all these reasons and more, chain link fencing can make an excellent option for your commercial property. Make sure you deal with an experienced commercial fencing contractor. A professional installation will go a long way towards ensuring your commercial fence works for you well into the future.
If chain link isn't what you're looking for, we offer many other fencing options, including custom work. To learn more about what Sam's Fencing Inc. can offer, contact us today.